High as kings


and to just


is like wrapping myself in all sorts of lovely.

layers and layers of lovely.


and just like that, you were gonewiththewind.


two weeks of term break everyone say hel.lo!


the Dad’s here and rocking melbourne.



oram = orsm




and that. and everything in between.

weekends were not meant to be nervous. or heavy.

but so it is.

and it remains this.

and that.

and everything in between.

news since twenty ten rolled in (and maybe a little before):

1) i have been to the galleon too many times.

2) i have been to that bagel shop too many times.

3) i have drunk my weight in beez neez.

4) there is now a bird named harold (i didn’t name him. *points to dave*) perched on a branch above my bed.

5) i haven’t complained about work or students since december 15th. well, okay, maybe once. or twice. mrh.

6) i have worn a significant amount of colour (bright aqua blue swimmers ya’all).

7) i saw and missed good friends.

8) i realised how much i miss being with family especially after having spent chrissy and new years without them.

9) i reckon caravan parks are pretty cool.

10) 3″ heels make me look pretty damn tall. me thinks, more heels this year?

11) eating coffee&almond ice cream followed by multiple scoops of cookies&cream is prefectly acceptable on a 43 degree day. yes, even after you’ve just run your butt off at the gym.

12) i have been on a slipslopslap, spf rampage. hello clinique super city blocker, you are now my closest face-friend.

13) my legs have acquired a healthy tan. look ma, no more white chicken legs.

14) i am now a fully registered, state of victoria teacher woot! (official vic card’s comin’ in the mail, oh yeeeeah. we ALL know you’re not really legit till you have a card with digits).

hello twenty ten (eleven days bit late). play nice.

Road trip love



more piccies here

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“i know of more terrifying things”

“like what”

“like not living with you for the rest of my life”

 i bend&break so easily; pendulum retreats, consistent with traffic. i feel i could be pushing against concrete blocks of… everything. and the world becomes a little too crowded. too messy.

but in the most inexplicable,


constant way,

you make my heart light.

over and over.


each time, it is a tangible prick.

and i blink back.

blink back.


i don’t understand, so i persist.


it is bizarre, this supposed logic, but they say the proof is in the pudding.

is it not.